Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Signs of Life

Did you know you're missing a book on your shelf? No, you probably didn't. Nor can you be blamed for this omission. The book simply didn't exist until now. But now the book does exist, and now this wrong can be righted. What's the book? Signs of Life. And there are precisely two reasons why you need it:
  1. The book itself: It's a collection of documentary photographs (including several by yours truly) of the hand-made signs that appeared throughout the region after the storm. They range from desperately sad to angry to bizarre to wickedly funny. The signs were (and still are) one of the most striking features of the post-Katrina landscape, and compiled together, they form a remarkable document of the events that unfolded here.
  2. Your soul: All the proceeds go to Common Ground Relief and Hands On Network, two groups doing relief work in the area. Buying this book will assist in the recovery of our region, and it will make you a better person. It's good and good for you.
Learn more about it here. Buy it here. Make it so.


  1. I will.

    And a question for you, having watched the Juvenile video you linked to the other day: has NOLA always had its share of spraypainted signage?

  2. Of course there's the usual tagging and graffiti odds and ends. And the video features a lot of shots of the big C.J. Peete mural, one of many murals throughout Central City. But I would say that historically New Orleans has had less of a spray paint cultcha' then a lot of other cities. It's rare to see the sort of grand, elaborate spraypaint constructions one frequently sees in the the Northeast and elsewhere.