Monday, August 21, 2006

What I Saw Friday Night

I stagger forth from yet another bloggy-blackhole weekend, into the harsh, relentless light of bloggy-day:

Do you want to know what I saw Friday night? A 7-year-old playing bad-ass drums at the Circle Bar, along with his father on bass, and his grandfather, South Louisiana R&B hero, Classie Ballou on guitar. And now, through the magic of YouTube, you can see it too! (Well, actually you can't really, because the video turned hellaciously dark once I posted it, but at least you can year it and trust me that it's a 7-year-old.)*

Other things I saw Friday night:

  • A very stoned, middle-aged black guy doing a hankie-shaking second-line dance to a very entertaining middle-aged white guys oldies band in a very sweet and funny mostly-but-not-exclusively-middle-aged-crowd neighborhood bar way downtown in the Bywater.
  • An old-enough-to-know-better woman wearing a way-too-tight black t-shirt with "STAY SINGLE" written in large, metallic-silver letters, a way-too-short, matching, metallic-silver skirt, and way-too-tall, matching, metallic-silver high-heels.
  • Women silently sipping their drinks as their men played video poker on stools nearby.
  • Lots of hats: fedoras, baseball caps, Australian bush hats, bowlers, paper party hats, the full gamut.
  • A way-too-drunk guy passed out asleep on the barstool next to me at a hipster pizza joint way downtown in the Bywater.
  • Nerdy hipster boys silently sipping their Pabst Blue-Ribbons.
  • Two different versions of Proud Mary by two different bands.
I'm sure I'm forgetting something important.

* What's that? This doesn't meet your bourgeois, spoon-fed-by-the-corporate-media production standards? Oh, I'm sorry. But this is guerilla journalism, man! Go home and silently sip your white wine spritzers.


  1. Anonymous8:44 PM

    That's some drumming!

  2. New Orleans bars have a special flavor found nowhere else (at least I've never seen it duplicated.) People watching and soaking up the social scene, with an ice cold beer and some funky music - what could be better? Mahalo for that little blast of nostalgia.

  3. Anonymous2:04 AM

    Wow -- as the mom of a kid who's been playing drums since he was about 7, I'm waaaaaay impressed. Awesome talent in that kid.

    Thanks for posting it...I love seeing stuff like that.

  4. Just reading this post has made me want to visit New Orleans even more than I already did! :)

  5. Anonymous8:43 AM

    1. No way. That's a 7 year old??
    2. I want to BE that woman, the silver and black attack.
    3. Sounds like the New Orleans summer managed to charm your pants off in its way, as it does, in spite of everything.

    Go man go.

  6. Anonymous8:57 AM

    I declare this a week for loosening laces and buttons.

  7. Oh, yeah. And a memorial birthday celebration for Circle Bar Kelly (hence the party hats; and the noisemakers which you can hear in the background on the video clip).