Friday, August 11, 2006


Why is it always approximately 50 degrees underground? Why isn't it colder? Is it radiant heat from the surface? Is it radiant heat from further underground? And why is it so consistent? Why aren't there greater variations? I'm not making this up, am I? Geo-geeks, speak up.

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  1. Not sure but there a lot of geothermal heating systems that also cool your house in the summer and save tons on energy bills.

    You have a great website and it is great for the community. Thanks for all the great pictures too. You should join the disscusions here as well:

    New Orleans community blog

    Please join in the discussions there and link people back to your blog. There are already a lot of people participating daily. It is a great place to poll the communitie and see how people realy feel about the issues. This should serve to strengthen the new orleans community and NO online commlunity as a whole.

    My belief is that to get real transparency in our government and in our planning process we need to get the young folks involved and up to speed on the new paradigms. Teaching only civics in school and not smart growth and new urbanism concepts is like teaching our kids to count to ten without teaching them arithmetic, algebra and calculus and then expecting them to make it in this world.

    Help us get those concepts out there! Create an account on live journal and help build a community, an educated community.