Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Wine Spodee-O-Dee

Apparently, I've established a niche* as the go-to guy for all things Euro-Girlie. I've got a couple of grafs** in Bill Daley of the Chicago Tribune's recent column*** on sangria and wine spritzers.**** It goes a-little sumthin' like this:
David Olivier of New Orleans, a computer programmer, wrote of his affection for the spritzer on his blog, Slimbolala (, but he was frank in discussing the social implications of ordering this drink. He'll never get one in a bar.

"The girlie-stigma is just too strong (my wife just chimed in that even she would probably never order one for this same reason)," he admitted. "And even if I was inclined to drink them in public, there are certain places where it would simply not be an option. No dive bars. Nowhere with a pool table. Nowhere in the state of Mississippi."
That's some good advice, Paw Paw. Although I'm just counting the days until I receive an angry letter from the Anti-Mississippi-Defamation League.

* Do you say the "ch" in "niche" like the "ch" in "chicken" or the "sh" in "shama lama ding dong"? I always go for the latter, but I guess that's the Euro-girlie in me.

** You like that, huh? That's publisher talk.

*** You need a membership, but it's free. Check it out if you're:
  1. Already a member.
  2. Really into booze.
  3. Really into me and need another newspaper clipping for that creepy shrine you're building in your bedroom (you know, the one where the camera zooms in close to show your hand pinning up the clipping, but never pulls back to reveal your true identity to the viewer).
**** The "What I'm Drinking" series has been languishing recently, but that's because I'm still stuck on Micheladas. This probably won't change until some time after Labor Day.

Note: I must say, I'm impressed by the number of links and footnotes this silly little post has generated. That must be because I'm all scholarly and stuff.


  1. Oh my! When will Martha Magazine be citing you as a demi-tasse expert?

  2. Slim, if you're ever in central Mississippi you can stop by my mamma's for a spritzer!

  3. wow, a're my euro-girlie hero!!

  4. Anonymous8:54 PM

    Wow, you're making us folks here in Possum Hollow proud!!

  5. Woo woo! Looks like I jumped on the Slimbolala train just early enough to say "I knew him when ..."

    And the Paw Paw's link is a hoot. Priceless! I bet he could even service FEMA trailers!

  6. Anonymous2:17 PM

    Champion Jack Dupree's version of this song has got to be one of the best. This is one of my theme songs, since I do consume vast quantities of red wine. Please note that the lyrics to this song never mention the word "spritzer", not even backwards like in a Beatles song.

  7. You have to play it reeeealllly slow and drink a lot of wine.

  8. Anonymous8:40 AM

    I knew I was missing sumthin'.
    Dang, it's been there all the time!

  9. Anonymous11:37 PM


    just when i think i've enshrined the definitive Slim, i find i've got to carve out a candle lit niche for some obscure jambalaya minstrel. but at which level, i ask You, in the intricate hierarchy of the Lala Paradiso, do i emplace the worn photographs and scratchy vinyl records searchingly rescued from sundry distant, unsuspecting, and profane reliquaries of captive music?

    it's a monumental task. and thereby a kind of proof of Your Glory.

    and we who see, although disconsolate at our insignificance, are nevertheless gladdened that our souls are sensate to Your Wonders, unlike the beasts in our midst who chew their cud and pass gas.

    and what about this daley guy? he's probably fat! verily, Your Ways are mysterious.

    faithfully yours forever,