Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Apparently There Is Such a Thing as a Free Lunch

When Louise started school, we had to fill out a questionnaire about our current living arrangements. We have now learned that we are technically "homeless", and consequently, Louise qualifies for free lunch.* This strikes me as both hilarious and absurdly sad.

They also offered to assign us a caseworker. We declined.

* "Free and reduced lunches" are a standard metric of poverty in schools, so "free lunch" means a lot more than just free lunch.


  1. Anonymous1:53 PM

    yeah, whenever I delude myself that we weren't poor when I was growing up, I remember that we did qualify for free lunch. Luckily we weren't so poor that we had to use this option because I was definitely a lunch box kindda kid. Cafeteria food sux.

  2. Yeah, we're definitely taking the box lunch route. Pizza and chocolate milk everyday just isn't quite the thing for little growing brains.

  3. Anonymous9:41 PM

    As one of those caseworkers(social workers), I am glad there are still free lunches. The Bushies would cut them out if they could.