Saturday, September 02, 2006

Joe Feels Better

Mmm, that therapy is good stuff. Joe celebrates with some gleeful skipping and a tasty treat.*

* This thing is getting kind of weird. Not that that's a problem. I'm just saying... And how does one draw an imaginary friend? Maybe Fifi needs a hat.

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  1. A leash?

    Joe's motivations seem hard to pin down. Surely he is doing this all as part of a bigger plan?

  2. I think his plan is still to get a skeleton key, though it's hard to say exactly what's going on in that dry, hollow head of his.

    Unless you mean Motivation in the fancy, literary arc sense of the word, in which case it's obviously his desperate and hopeless desire to relive those lost and lovely days of his corporeal youth, before the flesh was rent from his bones by the ravenous maw of the grave.

  3. Anonymous8:28 AM

    Joe might innocently open that closet in the hall that's been unopened for millenia. Then he will discover a horde of skeleton keys in there which cascade over his hapless shape and bury him in ignominy. From the pile comes Joe's tiny voice saying something very silly like "I've found the key(s) to the universe and Newtons's First and Third Laws to boot".

  4. Hmm, do skeletons have skeletons in their closet? Maybe Joe himself is in the closet? That would explain his philosophical mutterings and his escapist antics, making the skeleton key as Marco describes it a more metaphorical objective: the key to the mystery of Joe, the thing that will give Joe the courage to come out to the world and himself, to look his mirror image in the eye socket and say once and for all: "I love my dead gay self."

    Or not.

  5. There should be a leash dude!