Thursday, September 07, 2006

Maps, Maps, and More Maps

Well, I may not have my book of all the Times-Picayune maps, but Mary T. has turned me on to the next best thing, the online archive of all of of the T-P's Katrina-related graphics (including all of the maps). It's a lot of information, but there are some real gems in there.

Oh, and as Howie rightly points out the Greater New Orleans Community Data Center is another excellent source of maps and cool demographic data.

Thanks, all.


  1. Anonymous9:41 PM

    Oh, those are good. I have another favorite map site to add. UTexas Libraries' Perry-Casteneda Map collection has some real gems, including the 1849 map of Sauve's Crevasse, the last flooding of New Orleans due to an inundation of the River.

  2. Anonymous11:51 PM


    See y'all in Memphis

  3. Anonymous12:10 AM

    is it just me or does the tp graphics link connect you to how to post a blog on bloggy spot??

  4. Oops, it wasn't just you. It's fixed now.

    I'm not sure how that happened. (But I'm pretty sure it's the work of a nefarious anti-New Orleans cabal trying to suppress the truth. Ha ha! I've foiled you, nefarious anti-New Orleans cabal! Your evil machinations will never succeed.)