Saturday, October 21, 2006

Backwards Day

I wore my underwear backwards all day yesterday. It wasn't intentional. I discovered it at work when I went to the restroom and encountered certain logistical complexities... at which point, without awkward and excessive shenanigans, I was pretty much committed to the configuration. So I wore my underwear backwards all day yesterday.

Quit laughing at me.


  1. Food week was strung together magnificently, and now you've managed to move from defecation amid a clothes-shopping experience to urination in difficult undergarment circumstances. Clearly, you are a master at work.

  2. Here comes Bodily Functions Week!

    Not really.

    Well, maybe...

  3. Anonymous10:33 AM

    I'm just shattered that you, your backwards underwear, and your fam didn't come to my birthday party.


    Sha doo bee.

    Shattered Shattered.

  4. Uh oh, I must be behind on my blog reading...

  5. I knew a boy in college who proudly boasted of this - it was all part of his elaborate laundry avoidance plan. He got 4 days wear out of one pair of drawers, or so he claimed. His schedule went something like this:

    Day One: wear front side front
    Day Two: wear front size back
    Day Three: Turn *inside out* and wear front side front
    Day Four: Still inside out, wear front side back

    Not surprisingly, he is now a somewhat famous criminal defense attorney. And anytime I see his name in the paper, or read some blurb about him in the alumni magazine all I can think of is his FourDayUnderpantsPlan....

  6. Wow. I think I'm speechless...

  7. Thanks for the giggle.
    Blame these new-fangled tagless underwear. I don't need to know if they really were, I'll just blame them.