Friday, October 27, 2006

Man, I Totally Slayed That Elevator!

So we were standing in the elevator, me and a bunch of guys. The doors were closing, and someone else was coming. One of the guys swung his leg up to catch the sensors and open the door. You know what I said? You know what I said?
"You should be a Rockette."
It went over like dynamite! It went over so good, the guy next to me rephrased it, and repeated it: "What are you, trying out for the Rockettes?" It spawned a whole series of a Rockettes-related jokes: "Hey man, just don't put your arm around me and expect me to kick along with you." Pure dynamite!

You have my permission to use it in any appropriate situation (so long as you credit me, of course).


  1. Anonymous1:44 PM

    I'm guessing that was a perfect storm moment for that joke, and it will never, never get that good again.

    My compliments.

  2. Very Slimboesque!