Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Something to Chew On

The Roman Chewing Candy cart has long been a fixture of the Uptown landscape, an old, horse-drawn cart, working its way down St. Charles, selling long taffy-ish candies in several flavors. After the storm, like everything else, it went away for a while. Then the cart came back, but the horse didn't. The cart was pulled by a truck - a truck - which was kind of pathetic. And it was distressing, leading one to wonder if and how the horse met its demise.

I'm happy to report that the horse is back, and the Roman Chewing Candy wagon is fully restored to its former, dilapidated glory. But I wonder, where has the horse been and why did it take so long to return? Is the city experiencing a horse-housing shortage? Has the horse been whiling its time away in some substandard stable in Houston or Atlanta, watching CNN, and dreaming of the day it could return to the oak-lined streets it's always known? Hmm...


  1. Anonymous3:46 PM

    Does it live in a FEMA-stable?

  2. check it out - more info than you need:

  3. Anonymous10:46 AM

    If you happen to be hanging in Atlanta, Houston, or Marrero and you still want to get your Roman Candy on-

  4. Ah, Fungi, I can always count on you for les factoids d'Orleans. So Patsy The Mule was in exile on the Northshore due to the destruction of her stable. (It was a horse-housing shortage).

    Other choice tidbits: Patsy principally operates on a combination of voice commands and autopilot, allowing Ron to continue making candy as she works her familiar routes through the neighborhoods.