Tuesday, October 31, 2006

This is our jack-o-lantern, carved with an abundance of seasonal zeal by the gals and myself early in the month. Or more precisely, this was our jack-o-lantern. Our climate isn't kind to carved vegetables. I've seen the balmy temperatures and thick humidity reduce more than one noble pumpkin to a gooey orange puddle long before Halloween arrived. Many don't make it beyond a week. This one served admirably for the better part of two, but when it slowly began to collapse and the inside developed a thick coat of furry mold bearing an unpleasant resemblance to our house after the storm, we decided its time had come. It seemed like the right thing to do.


  1. Even here in the chilly Northeast, I never ever carve a jack-o-lantern until the day before Halloween. Those hollow squashes are muy perishable. It makes me sad to see the hopeful jack-o-lanterns placed on front steps and porches in early October. Doomed to never see 10/31, they are. Except maybe as mulch. (Cute pumpkin, though. My, what big eyes you have!)

  2. Yes, we were very imprudent. Again, I can only blame the abundance of seasonal zeal.