Monday, November 20, 2006

"Did I Tell You About the Time I...?"

So what happens when I finally blog all my good stories? What will I talk about at dinner parties? As I see it, I've got three options:
  1. Repeat myself ad nauseum. I can just tell the same stories over and over. When I begin talking, people will roll their eyes and think to themselves, "Here he goes again with that fucking rooster story. Let it go, man. It's just poultry."
  2. Become freakishly silent. I will sit by myself in the corner, avoiding eye contact, ruing the day I started this blog.
  3. Take another long distance bus trip. That would provide me with sufficient fodder for a few more years.
Yeah, any of those should work.


  1. I'm starting to get paranoid about repeating myself on my blog. I'll probably do it anyway (maybe I already have) without noticing.

    Anyway, I'll take anything except option #2. In fact, if you combine the first and third, you could take a psychotic rooster on a long distance bus trip, which would be sure to refill for repertoire. Wait, maybe the rooster could be your sidekick, Gumbolala. You could call it "Poultry in Motion".

    See? Nothing to fear. Compared to my ideas, anything you come up with will look positively brilliant.

  2. Ooh! That will be the premise for my first quirky little independent film. Bill Murray will play the rooster.

  3. Anonymous9:30 PM

    How about telling about your bus trip home from Wisconsin, I think it was---police, arresting some dude. lots of farting or am I dreaming this?