Friday, December 01, 2006

The Bruisers Ride Again

Well, after various complicated comings and goings of various members over the past couple years involving various things such as hurricanes and goats, the Bruisers are back. And for our massive reunion gig, we're playing at the Lusher Soirée,* a fundraiser for Louise's fine, fine school. Since both of our drummers were blown west to the Land of Tacos and Barbecue we're now a lean, mean trio: Mary, Jason, and myself. (I don't count Arturo the Bongo Playing Monkey because, belonging to a lesser species, he has no soul and cannot technically be considered a member.)

Of course, times have changed, and in this new post-Katrina landscape, our patented brand of fun-lovin' honky-tonk-garage-sumthin'-sumthin' no longer seems relevant, so we've got a brand new bag: epic atonal soundscapes (to which Mary will perform her dramatic, Noh-inspired juggling routine).

Either that or we'll get really messed up and start an onstage, intra-band fight.

Or maybe both—I'm thinking both. Whichever way, it's going to be huge.

Check ya later!

* In addition to our humble selves, there's a whole slew of other fine acts including some that are actually kind of famous.


  1. Shucks. I'll be missing good stuff again. That's what happens when you move far, far away.

    Knock 'em dead & have some fun while you're at it!

  2. Anonymous6:58 PM

    Uh...I'll play drums.


  3. Actually, our new configuration, though originally imposed by necessity, is turning out to be kind of fun. Mary plays a mean tambourine.

    And we fully intend to do some fun-havin'.

  4. So? How was it? Did you have to slip out the back door to avoid being mobbed by adoring fans?