Saturday, December 16, 2006

Claire E. Who?

A little bird turned me on to a fine poetic form—the Clerihew—invented by early twentieth century British smartass Edmund Clerihew Bentley. A Clerihew usually possesses the following five properties:
  1. It's a brief biography or description of a well-known individual.
  2. It's four lines long.
  3. The first line consists of the individuals name.
  4. The lines are of uneven length (for comic effect—see item 5).
  5. It's funny.
Here are a couple of my initial forays:
Brad Pitt
Was trim and fit
Though, according to more than one detractor,
Not much of an actor.
Kurt Weill
Did rarely smile.
His life was filled with strife.
He wrote "Mack the Knife".
Your turn.


  1. Anonymous6:34 AM

    Dick Chaney
    Is quite insaney.
    He pulls the strings
    His gunshot stings.

  2. Jeezum Pete*, supremely brilliant.

    * Is this how one spells Jeezum Pete?