Wednesday, December 27, 2006

"A Dix Pack a' Sixie"

Well la-ti-da. Weren't those some busy holidays, engendering a blogless silence that has reigned here for many-a-day. But now I'm back, Jack, ready to go again. So what's in store today? Holiday scraps, leftovers that I never quite got around to. I present to you Benny Grunch's "12 Yats of Christmas"—the video!

This is the only version available on YouTube, and it's pretty much crap (as in filmed-off-the-tee-vee-screen crap). I recommend that you go here for the real deal. (There's a little local new lead-in, but it's brief.)

For locals, this song is a perennial feature of the holiday season (though the video is new to me and adds a strange, magical new dimension). For non-locals it's, well, I don't know what it is—probably a bizarre hodge-podge of confusing references* and weird accents.** Either way, it's a hoot.

* Many of the referents, prominent features of the local Yat-scape were severely damaged or obliterated by Katrina. A while back I saw Richard Campanella, author of this completely bad-ass book, speak, and he made a good point. It's widely recognized that the hurricane disproportionately affected the city's black population. What is less widely recognized is that it also disproportionately affected the city's multi-generational population—the families that have been here for decades and decades. The unflooded historic neighborhoods along the river have a substantially higher proportion of transients and transplants. The hardest hit areas—Lakeview, the Lower Ninth, Gentilly, the East—these are neighborhoods full of families whose grandma's grandmas lived here.

** Long-time readers will recall previous musings on the curious nature of Yat-speak.

Thanks to Ms. Nola and company for doing some of the legwork.


  1. While we are all enjoying NC, our relocated fam has been enjoying the wwl videos and also I have been playing "Please Come Home for Christmas" (as sung by Aaron Neville rather than whoever is the sad sack singer you hear on NOLA radio) on repeat. I hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday and that this piece of New Orleans cultcha brings a smile to everyone's face.

  2. Anonymous9:28 AM

    The seventh graders performed the 12 Yats of Christmas at my son's school, for their holiday concert. It was hilarious, especially when the "six pack o' Dixie" drinkers fell off the stage.

    A little edgy for a semi-stodgy private school, but it brought down the house.