Friday, December 15, 2006

Pop Quiz: Dude, What's Your Dial?*

Answer the following:
What are the preset stations on your car radio? Please annotate.
Here's mine:
WWNO: Public radio—NPR, etc. Also a lot of bland classical music and goofy yucksterism, but I try to avoid those.

WWOZ: The non-profit local music station (jazz, R&B, etc.), a wonderful resource. I must confess, there are substantial blocks of programming that I find barely listenable, but when they're good they're the best. The Monday through Wednesday evening old-school R&B shows are incredibly excellent.

WTUL: Tulane college radio. Helps me keep track of what the slouchy white kids are doing. A solid percentage of the music is grating and annoying, but at least it's a novel, unfamiliar grating-annoying, not the completely predictable grating-annoying of most commercial radio.

Q93: Hip-hop, etc. I like the hip-hop. Of the various mainstream contemporary commercial formats, its pretty much the only one I have any interest in. It's not all good, but I like it better than the other stuff. Though, whenever the silky-smooth trills of a slow jam start, my hand instantly flashes for the dial.

WTIX: Oldies! Oldies! Oldies! I love WTIX. Most oldies stations, owned by big conglomerates, play songs from a very narrow play list, the Overplayed Oldies Cannon. TIX is independent and has lots of charming little idiosyncrasies. Certainly they play plenty of the familiars, but they'll also play local stuff and even some weird obscurities, songs that I've actually never heard before. (Some are bizarrely bad and should be obscurities, but at least they're entertaining.) Plus they still have those old-style harmonized station interludes: "♪ W-T-I-X New Or-lee-anssss ♪".
Your turn.

* Forgive the horrible pun. Is it even clear that this is a pun (albeit a horrible one)?


  1. "Love dem oldies on TIX FM."

  2. Anonymous11:59 AM

    My first 3 buttons are exactly the same as your first three, in the exact order. I would like to add that the classical station plays a strange amount of "soundtrack" classical music, I've noticed. But I also try not to listen unless it is drive time and they are broadcasting NPR.
    The next three buttons are Baton Rouge stations that I programmed for my drive to/from LSU on Tuesdays. Two of them broadcast public radio - sometimes - and I have no idea what the format is for the third. I rarely touch it. I can't be more specific than that.

  3. "a strange amount of 'soundtrack' classical music..."

    You can say that again! Sure, the Star Wars theme is a cherished element of my childhood, but there actually are other composers besides John Williams.

  4. Anonymous12:40 PM

    I've got 6 buttons, and add the Martini.

    The other day, I heard "Herman Brood and his Wild Romance". On the radidio. Wow.

  5. Anonymous4:08 PM

    Those match my first five exactly. Having six buttons in the Volvo however, the last is the classic rock station... the bayou? Is that it? Because sometimes, I just need to hear Don't Stop Believin' twice in the same day.

    And I love TIX this time of year; they go heavy on the Benny Grunch.

  6. Anonymous4:39 PM

    Nnngh, I've gotta add 102.9 "Old School" rather than the classic rock myself. Sometimes you can only find THE best song on the air on this one.

    But given those, and maybe even the occasional WYLD for Gospel, a little presets-surf is rarely fruitless it seems.

    I'd like to know what manner of saint invented these preset buttons, and I'd like to shake their hand and say thank you.

  7. 104.1 The Rock of New Orleans (Thank the goddess of rock for a real rock station that isn't oldies!)
    102.9 Old School
    WWL FM

  8. Excellent, excellent. (And just to make clear, our little game is not restricted to locals.)

  9. And speaking of Mr. Grunch and his Bunch, doesn't a complete and accurate rendition of "The 12 Yats of Christmas" seem like a good holiday party game/activity? I want to be the "dix-pack of Sixie" guy.

  10. Anonymous10:09 AM

    I'd have to pick
    "Eleven Schwegmann bags"... it somehow reminds me of every crazy thick-support-hose and slipper wearin curler-headed forceful-yet-hilarious problem-making shopper I invariably get in line behind at the market... -and Santa.

    I'm also waiting eagerly to hear his new one:
    "I Think I Just Seen Elvis In The Mildew On My Walls"
    (though I think baby Jesus would be more appropriate given the holiday).

  11. If you don't live in a major metropolitan area, your choices are slim, Slim.
    WVCR Siena College
    WMHT Boring Classical
    WAMC NPR (most listened to)
    WCDB State University at Albany
    WRPI Rensselaer Poly Institute (mi Alma Mater)
    This is why I plan to get a tuner in the house and hook it up to the Internets via wireless. On second thought, I might return to the clarinet and play polka all day.

  12. "Ate by ya momma's!"

    also, any links to mp3 files of this song or you tube videos of the WWL rebroadcasts of Benny Grunch et al would be seriously appreciated. My family has moved to NC and it will be a holiday season devoid of "the spirit of Louisiana" (Well, save our own amateur renditions!)

  13. Anonymous8:23 AM

    Here it is: