Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Dress Your President in Spurs and Leather

If there's two things I love it's dolls and the President, so I've decided to combine the two into one glorious creation. Slaving night and day in my Laboratory* of Glee and Delight buried deep within my Factory of Wicked Mirth, I've created my very own Dress-'Im-Up President complete with a wardrobe of pretty, pretty clothes. And now, free of charge, I'm sharing the fun with you!

The directions are simple:
  1. Click on the image to make it nice and big.
  2. Print it.
  3. Color the duds and President your favorite shades of red, white, blue, and Texas-bred pink.
  4. Cut them out.
  5. Dress your President in spurs and leather.
  6. Make "ka-pow! ka-pow!" sounds as you shoot the bad guys.
And stay tuned for more. Be sure to collect the whole series!

* Pronounced British style: 5 syllables, emphasis on the second.


  1. I really hope this becomes a series. I love it.

  2. You're. A. Genius!

    (I love the tiny scowl on his face... this may very well be the one and only time that I've gazed at a likeness of the man and squealed "He's so cute!")