Friday, January 05, 2007

This Ol... This N…n... This Here House

Language is a funny business. For most of our exile, we've referred to the house as "the old house". Then, a little while back, as the old house stopped looking so old and started looking newer than it ever did before, our tongues got tripped up. We started calling it "the new house"… sometimes.* Sometimes it's still "old". Sometimes we use the street name. Sometimes we just sort of stutter.**

Fortunately, in the very near future, it will once again just be "the house".

* June, who has no recollection of ever having lived there, always refers to it as "the new house" (though it comes out sounding more like "new howsh").

** Help! Is there a Wittgensteinian in the house?


  1. Our Home might help clear up the stutter.

  2. Oh, right: home. I'd forgotten about that.

  3. As long as your house doesn't have a mouse!

    Hey.. thanks for commenting on my Blog! Feel free to stop by anytime.

    All comments welcome!


  4. "The limits of my language are the limits of my world." Was that him (Wig) or Mel Brooks?
    If this is so, then I know my world is somewhat/very limited. But, yours Dr. Slim is rich with double-entendres, cliches, hipster lingua, lingua franca, linguine, wry wit, rye and soda, gangsta slang, other slang, british slang and God knows what else.

  5. Well, shucks. Can I put that on my tombstone? (Especially the "rye and soda" part.)

  6. Anonymous4:36 PM

    Another Wittgenstein fan! I have no idea what Ludwig would say, but I am just tickled that you mentioned him. Perhaps he would say-- no, wait, I really don't know what he would say.

    Maybe it's the new and improved house? The newly renovated house? The homestead? The compound? The retreat? Ye Olde Casa?

  7. it's a true art to be able to tell a story too, like you do that voodoo.