Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Unbearable Lightness of Being (Home)

I knew it would feel good. I didn't know how good it would feel. Sometimes, when you've lived with a heavy burden for so long, you sort of forget you're carrying it. And then one day it's gone, and you're like "What the hell? Was I carrying that thing this whole time? Was that my problem? Oh..." It's like that.

So the move was smooth enough. I had the misfortune of suffering from a severe chest cold for the duration (as in character-from-Magic-Mountain severe; as in covering-my-mouth-with-my-hand-when-I-cough-not-out-of-consideration-for-others-but-because-I-want-to-be-sure-to-catch-my-lung-in-case-it-pops-out severe), but I survived and am on the mend. The new appliances got delivered Monday. We roughed it the first couple of days—no gas (and consequently no stove or heat or hot water), but that was more or less resolved yesterday. Everything's still just piles of boxes, but that will also change.

For the first time, the gals each have their own room (we took over a bedroom from the tenant's side), and they're quite pleased though June was a little lonely the first night and spent part of it in her sister's bed. Their walls are painted a tastefully muted, parentally-selected shade of pink (there will be no Barbie-pink in my house, thank you very much), and Louise has endless ideas about how she wants to arrange hers—it will be very quiet and orderly and not a lot of toys but lots of art supplies and maybe a big desk and some plants and perhaps some purple and...

There are still lots of workers around, working on our house and on the houses across the street. They're all very sweet, and it's kind of funny to wake up in the morning and come out on the porch with a cup of coffee to (hopefully) grab the (erratically delivered) newspaper and wave to the carpenter who's sawing some piece of trim or the plumber who's toting some pipes around. They all seem very pleased to have gotten us back in there, and we've become something like the block mascots.

Eventually boxes will be unpacked and furniture will be arranged. Bar implements will be found. Then there will be parties—lots and lots of parties.


  1. Anonymous11:21 AM

    "Bar implements will be found."


    Congratulations, Oliviers! I can't wait to come down and see the place...and cocktail in it.

  2. How about a housewarming wish-list at Amazon!