Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Vive les Brusiers! (Saturn Bar, This Saturday)

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What: The time of your life.

Where: The legendary Saturn Bar, home of abundant funky charm, innumerable broken appliances, and now, your favorite bands. 3067 St. Claude Ave.

When: This Saturday, January 27, 10-ish-ish (Really, it's all rather tricky. We've never been known for our promptitude, but Mary's pushing for a reasonably early start, and the rest of us are game, but then there's the complicating factor of Jason's rich inner-world and its tenuous connection to the theoretical machinations of so-called "time". So who knows. Come early. Stay late. It's all good.)

Your mission: Bring yourself and five of your drinkenest (we get a cut of the bar-sales), most enthusiastic friends. Instruct them, in turn, to bring five of their drinkenest, most enthusiastic friends. (Actually, non-drunks are also welcome, but the enthusiasm is mandatory). Repeat ad infinitum. It will be a glorious pyramid scheme of joy and jubilation.

Now I know what you're thinking. "Where the hell have you all been? What's your deal? Are you just going to up and disappear again? Can I really commit to this? I don't know..."

Look, there were mitigating factors. Mary had to leave town to fulfill her lifelong ambition of being a goat-herd-ess. There are no goats here. You must understand that. Then there was a storm, and sadly, our dual-drummers, Ana and Zack (two drummers? whoah! just like the Dead), were blown west to the magic land of Austin where they now spend their days shopping for organic vegetables and basking in the warm glow of progressive living. But on the up-side, the storm blew Mary back, where she landed once again on the fair and funky shores of our ol' hometown. (And she'll be picking up additional rhythmic responsibilities, shaking her maracas and tambourine with the beatific fury of the divinely possessed. It's a sight to behold. Really.)

So here we are again. It's been a long time,* but we're back. We've grown. We've changed. Please, trust us. Come on, let's hug.

Re-u-nit-ed and it feels so good. Reunited 'cause we understood.... (Did I mention we're now a Peaches and Herb tribute band?)

Come on down this Saturday. It's the don't-miss event of the season. You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll go home afterwards and get frisky with that special someone so you can make kids so they can make grandkids so you can someday tell them about it.

You won't regret it. I guar-awn-tee.

* For all but the chosen few in the inner sanctums of the Lusher cabal.


  1. Anonymous9:07 PM

    gosh darn it...wish I could be there!

  2. Fantastic poster!

    Have fun, and you rock that house...

  3. I'll be there as Joe!

  4. Anonymous1:34 PM

    I'll come if they still have calendars.

  5. Anonymous9:35 AM

    No way it'll be anything but a good night. Give Candy a little rub for me.

  6. Anonymous8:44 PM

    Sorry we're not coming. See you another night. Jason, thanks for staying late and playing Johnny Cash at the Bienvenu's.

    See you soon,