Friday, February 23, 2007

Micro-Story Friday: Dog-Check... Aisle Two

This is a story, a very small story. There is no plot arc, no catharsis, no denouement. It's a very small story.

I was in Langenstein's, the small fancy Uptown grocery, on the second aisle scanning the shelves for something or other. Who do I see coming down the aisle? My dog, Penny.

Penny is a very good dog. Back when I had a truck (alas alack...), she would ride around in the back and would diligently stay there if I had to quickly duck in somewhere. But this time, apparently, she'd grown bored and decided to see where the action was.

She'd jumped out of the truck, walked in through the automatic doors, walked all the way up the first aisle past the pickled products, walked past the prepared foods, finally turned down the second aisle and found me. She was very pleased with herself and wagged her tail gleefully.

Nobody had said a thing. Had they not seen her? Had they seen her and been too befuddled to do anything? Or were they just cool-like-that? (The latter seems unlikely.) I wonder.

This has been Micro-Story Friday. Good day.


  1. It's a very small, very entertaining story. I could see getting hooked on the micro-story...

    (quite possibly because I'm a card carrying member of the Sesame Street generation, and only have a 23 second attention span...)

  2. Maybe they usually hang out at the Bridge Lounge and are used to seeing dogs roaming around, so they didn't think anything of it.