Tuesday, February 13, 2007

"Stupid Motherf…"

I saw this the other day:

A cop car that made a poorly judged left turn and ran into a streetcar.* The Orleans Parish prisoners (lounging in the car, wearing the orange jumpsuits and snazzy yellow sweats) seemed quite pleased with the situation. To my mind, the funniest thing about the scenario is imagining their comments immediately after the accident.

* A few years back, my mother made a similar poorly judged left turn with similar consequences. Perhaps she can find some consolation in knowing that the authorities are capable of the same mistake. And at least she didn't have an O.P.P. peanut gallery in the back seat.


  1. Anonymous8:16 PM

    My excuse was that I was from out of state and was not used to street cars running down the middle of the street--and they bought it. I did not get a ticket. What's the NOPD's excuse? P.S. Was ''Stupid Motherf...."" your response when you learned what I had done?!!!

  2. If I was going to say anything of the sort it would presumably just be "Stupid Mother". But I wouldn't say that. I'm a nice boy.