Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I like it. By the power vested in me by My Overblown Sense of Importance, I proclaim this Make-Up-Your-Own-Word Week.

Why kowtow to the dictates of His Imperial Highness Merriam or Herr Fuhrer Webster? Throw off your shackles and be free! You say it's a word? That's good enough for me. Whazzit mean? You decide. Don't know what that thing on that thing with the other thing is called? Make it up. It's already got a name—something with a "t"—but you just can't quite remember? Eff 'em. Make another. Hyphens, low-phens, any kind of -phens; prefixes, suffixes, intra-fixes, exo-fixes—smash it all together. It's all fair game. Who needs The Best Word in the Whole Wide World? (You heard me, Mr. Saucy-pants.) Down with patriarchal imperial hierarchies. Up with the jumbled detritus of our over-heated brains. It's democratational!*

Whatchya got?

* Apologies. I got a all dander-fied and perhaps a touch ker-fluffed. I think I need to take a walk.


  1. Fristanikater : an integral part of a usually mechanical device

    Maranitan : a more complex and subtle part of a mechanical device that functions in mysterious conjunction with a Fristanikater

  2. Anonymous9:14 AM

    squee-spelt endeared:
    when your nine month old daughter sneezes while eating and in doing so gleefully projects butternut squash into your unfortunately yawning mouth.

  3. Eesh! That's enough to set your fristanikater goblonky all day.

  4. Ferbo: a fabric that ambiguously straddles the synthetic-natural.

  5. Anonymous12:51 AM

    In the event that your fornutator begins to smarge, we recommend that you combliterate the forns and flunner the beffers (don't forget to de-clorgify the spligs, as they will have accumulated glord).

  6. Good advice. That happened to me the other day at work.

  7. Bringing the Make-Up-Your-Own-Word blog up to date, here's Jon Stewart's great MUYOW from last week-end's Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear: the Perpetual Panic CONFLICTINATOR.

    YAHOO-YOW 4 the MUYOW!