Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Battle Royale: Scallywag the Dog*

So by now we've probably jumped a whole school/pod/gaggle/really-what-is-it? of sharks, but that's okay. Let's just sit back and watch the spectacle: our metaphorical Evel Knievel of a series tumbles over its handlebars with a terrifying crunch, fracturing every bone its body, but somehow—miraculously—staggers to its strangely askew feet and through its shattered, bloody teeth murmurs, "I will ride again!"

Round three (…ish. I think…):
  • squelch
  • wag
  • scallywag
  • saucy
  • sauced
  • drizzle
  • falafel
  • scrawl
  • walrus
  • rascal
  • gallop
  • wiggle
  • cagy walls
  • scallion
  • scullduggery
  • huzzah!
Place your vote.

* We cheeky-blogger types are supposed to slip lots of puns and wordplay into the titles of our posts. Check! But the puns and wordplay are supposed to make some sort of sense. Oops! "'Scally…wag the dog?' Alright—'wag the dog'—I see it, but what's the joke? Is he referencing the movie? Is it a Dustin Hoffman thing? I don't get it...." Forgive me, I have failed you. Now, as honor dictates, I will impale myself on my laptop. (Unless you can figure out some plausible angle to make it work, and you can whipser it in my ear, and I can say "huzzah!" and proclaim it to the world, and my cheeky-blogger cred will be restored, and I will give you 50% of my immense Slimbolala royalties, and you will be happy, and I will be happy, and we will sing from the rooftops, and all will be beautiful.)


  1. Not to worry, impaling yourself on your laptop is not likely to work anyway.

    Given my love of wordplay I'm solidly behind cagy walls: though it doesn't have the glam-pow (or punctuation) of huzzah!, it doesn't need all that window dressing to be good.

  2. Anonymous7:25 PM

    drizzle (I'm a sucker for words with two /z/'s)

  3. Anonymous7:29 PM

    I vote for sauced.

  4. Anonymous8:51 PM

    For the euphonious amalgam of consonants and dipthongs, my vote is still (and always) with squelch.

    (But dipthong and schwa are up there with jejune as household favorites.)

  5. What percent of these words are of Romantic origin? I ain't no linguist, but my impression is not many.

  6. saucy.

    It's no delicious, but it'll do.

  7. ...rabble of sharks?

  8. Another vote for 'saucy' here, because I just love to say it. Saucy, Sau-cay.

  9. This time I'm boycotting until you add 'Mupppetational' to the candidates. And that's a hard line.

  10. I voter for scallywag

  11. yea, the saucy cabal hath spoken.
    I vote "scrawl." it is the perfect marriage of sound and meaning.

    re: "muppetational," is this the harbinger of a new category?