Thursday, March 08, 2007


I was at the paint store buying a sample quart of (what turned out to be) a lovely shade of deep aqua to replace the Masengill-lavender in the upstairs bathroom. As the young black kid with the cornrows was ringing me up, he saw the name on my credit card.

"Some of my ancestors were named Olivier."

"Oh, yeah? Was that around here?"

"Well, back in France, but it changed some time to de Vezin."

"Really? Actually our full name used to be Olivier de Vezin."

We paused. He got a big funny grin. I got a big funny grin. And then we properly introduced ourselves as—most likely—cousins.


  1. You'll get an even bigger grin if you read this post while humming the Patty Duke Show theme song...

    But they're cousins!
    Identical cousins...

    It takes scarily little to amuse me...

  2. Does he only wear grey socks?