Monday, March 26, 2007

Faded Glory

So, is "saucy" truly king? Is there some brash young upstart willing to enter the ring? A new generation with hunger in its eyes? Or do we grow weary of this cruel game?* Do we let the aged champion cling to its faded glory, telling every passerby who will listen of the day it became "Best Word in the Whole Wide World". I don't know. I don't know.

* I like to imagine a bloggy-purgatory where all my neglected series idle away their days: "saucy" talking endless trash about "squelch", Joe rambling on about the time he trapezed over the snakes, the President lamenting that he hardly has a thing to wear...


  1. What about saucy's friend, foxy?

  2. Or "foxy-tational"? Maybe a contest of fabricated, mushed-up-kind-of-like-the-Germans-do-except-with-hyphens-and-pre-slash-suffixes-ish words (with corresponding definitions)? Hmm...