Monday, March 05, 2007

Fut-on, Fut-off

For the first time in out adult lives we don't own a futon.* It went over the balcony last night and landed with a satisfying ploomf! in the front yard. The ten-year-old, falling apart, low-grade pine frame followed shortly behind. (I did confirm the all-clear before tossing them.) The futon's place was promptly taken by a gen-u-ine sleeper-sofa. Look, ma, we're big kids now.

* It's been a big weekend for furniture migrations. After many years of lobbying, Sarah is finally getting her queen-size bed (apparently, sleeping in a cramped double with my big, gangly, hot-blooded self ain't all that), and the gorgeous but small antique half-tiester will be traveling down the hall to take on new life as Louise's "princess" bed (though tonight she declared that she no longer wants to call it a "princess" bed; she wants to call it a "half-tiester").

But here's the kicker—the guy who sold us the mattress?
Glyn Styler. For real. The one and only. (This means nothing to most of you but a lot to a few of you. Seriously, imagine how strange it was: Glyn Styler… Veteran's Boulevard… selling us a mattress. We talked of spring counts, pillow tops, and memory foam. As the credit card machine whirred, we talked of lost houses (he lived in Lakeview), the joy of returning home (he'll be back in a few weeks), and the possibility of future shows (yes, though there are obstacles: "I don't even have any wigs!").

Weird, man, weird.


  1. Glyn Styler sold you a mattress? I'd be downright scared to buy one from him - that's what a good maniacal stage persona will do for you (I still associate him with a cover of "Going Out of My Head").

  2. I expect to have lots of strange, brooding, theatrical dreams.

  3. Anonymous4:00 PM

    Did you write that and/or see that on Glyn Styler's Wikipedia page?

  4. No and no! (But thanks for the tip.) Golly, Sarge, I ain't never (sort of) been in Wikipedia before.

  5. Anonymous8:52 PM

    The world is strange. Per Glen Styler's bio he used to play with Tav Falco's Panther Burns and so did your cousin, Jeep. In fact Tom saw them play in C'ville many years ago(you and I were in Denver) We used to have a record by them.

  6. Yeah, huh? And then I snagged the record from you all, and then it bit it in the storm along with Glyn's wigs.

    Now I can hear him dramatically crooning "It's... a small world... a-a-after all..."

  7. Anonymous2:27 PM

    It's good to hear Glyn is alive and well - I love that guy and was worried about him. He needs to make more albums. He also needs to book some gigs in New York (where I live). Anyway, big fan here, and I'm very glad to hear that we'll potentially be hearing more from him one day.

  8. OK, I'm going crazy -- will there EVER be anything new from Mr Styler?!?!