Sunday, April 08, 2007

By the Rhythm I Have Been Gotten

In no particularly rigid order:
  • My joke was a little too real. Our room faced (obliquely, but still...) on to Ocean Drive, the main drag for all things South Beach. At night, it was a muy caliente blend of thumping bass from cruising cars, overlapping waves of manic disco, and one remarkably loud karaoke bar.
  • I, in my younger years, lived a largely land-locked life but later learned that I love the beach. (Louise has inherited this love.) Every moment I spent sprawled on the sand or drifting in the ocean, I felt something close to perfect contentment. Except I wish it had been seven degrees warmer.
  • People dress crazy in South Beach. Frequently crazy bad.
  • The Easter Bunny found us in Miami.
  • June, normally a very good traveller, had a five-alarm meltdown on the flight home that required us to physically restrain her and ended with her sprawled in the middle of the aisle sobbing while the other passengers stood around her, waiting to de-plane.
  • We made it home in time for our cousins' Easter crawfish boil. (The Easter Bunny found us there too. The Easter Bunny is either very generous or very confused.)
  • We turn around tomorrow and head out to yet another beach (this time much closer to home). I'd explain but it's kind of complicated and not really all that important and I'm amazingly tired. Good night.

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