Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Mock Me, Amadeus

There are at least several reason why I'm happy to be married to Sarah, but foremost among them is her brutal candor.

A while back I started to develop a new laugh—no mere snort or mild chortle but a shrill, Amadeus-style "ah ha ha". Had it gone unchecked, this nascent twitter would have blossomed into a full-blown, head-turning squeal, and I would have become "that guy with the laugh". People would talk behind my back: "Oh yeah, I know him. What's up with that?" They would stop inviting me to parties. I would probably lose my job, my home. I'd turn to the bottle and live out my days in some foul gutter, lamenting the cruel fate that befell me (girlishly giggling with bitter mirth).

But Sarah intervened and, with the harsh honesty of love, told it to me straight: "You cannot laugh like that." She was right.

It wasn't easy at first. There were missteps and relapses as I battled the affliction. But in time I made progress, and now, I think I can confidently say, I'm better.

Thank you, Sarah. I owe everything to you.


  1. Sad that you didn't wind up in the gutter laughing, but moving on. Tom Hanks' laugh in the "Money Pit" (the scene when the bath tub falls through the floor) is another one to maybe spin on. It's really hysterically funny.

  2. ah true love, so glad you were saved from that terrible fate :)