Monday, May 21, 2007


What section of the newspaper are you? I'm pretty sure I'm the Living / Style / Whatever They Call It Where You're From section. (Though I like to think I’m a good Living / Style / Whatever... section. Our local rag's often frail assemblage of debutante photos,* feel-good stories, and fitness regimes tends not to hold my interest.)

I admire the front and Metro section folks.** Sometimes I try to convince myself I'm one of them, though in my heart of fluffy hearts I know it's not true. The Sports section-ers completely mystify me. Is anyone Classifieds? Weather? Obituaries?

* Actually, the debutante/society photos are kind of fascinating.

** And these days, around here, Metro really does top the list.


  1. I am so with you EXCEPT...

    I particularly love, in fact, the obits. But really, the ones they ran BEFORE the storm. The ran a picture of every last one of the ceasing to live-ers. No one too big or small -the TP was one of the only papers in the country to do so. I loved looking at the photo choices and making up insta-life stories.

    I also can get into the real estate section if they profile a good home. I also like to make fun of bad decor. In my head. I mean, to myself. Not my imaginary decor. That's fab, of course.

    Nice show BTW.

  2. Yes, the obits are also fascinating. I'm always particularly amazed at the variety and strangeness of the nick-names.

    And dissing on the home-decor articles is snarky good fun.

    Thank you BTW.

  3. Anonymous9:32 PM

    I, too, like the obits as did my mother. Maybe my interest is related to where I work-the hospital. I am always struck by how people "pass away" and most of the time leave behind a very devoted spouse. I always wonder! Sometimes I write my own in my head. It would be interesting to see what it says when that time comes. Just do not say "she passed away"!!

  4. wherever the crossword puzzle is.

  5. When Danny Barker died, they found he had cut out a collection of classic NOLA obits - the best and most ridiculous nicknames. Where else would you have a writeup on people like Tangle-Eye?

  6. That's an amazing link. (And I'm impressed by how many people have two nicknames, both of which get included.)

    They are rather fond of their nicknames around here. My grandfather's name was Victor, but we called him Petey. My uncle's name is Victor but we call him Chip. My grandmother was Claire, but all the kids called her Daidy. Other family nicknames include Doucette, Boonie, Kiki, Jeep, etc. Naming children was often a two-step process: choosing the proper name, and then choosing the nickname. (Many of the women are some variation of Marie Elena jumbled around with a couple other middle names, so nicknames become a necessity just to tell everyone apart.)

  7. For a good 15 months from 2000-2001, I wrote many of the obits in the TP. No lie. I got a lot of free iced coffee at "whatever is now called the former PJ's on Carrollton Avenue near City Park" back in the day. The baristas were all Obit sections.

    But in all honesty, I saw myself as a Lagniappe gal. That or the letters section of the (now defunct) TV Focus.

  8. I like "Monkey Do" as a nickname. That is a great site.

  9. Anonymous8:08 AM

    Dude, I might *be* the Opinion section. That's depressing!

    But I love best of all the advice columns.