Thursday, May 24, 2007

You Go, Grill

There's a guy I've seen around town a couple of times recently who's built a full-size charcoal grill into his bicycle. That's the kind of ingenuity this city needs.

What other about-town oddballs have we got?*

* For starters, there's the Hank-Williams-blasting-cowboy-hat-wearing-truck-covered-in-tiny-figurines-driving fellow. I saw him again a little while back. Glad he's still around.


  1. Anonymous10:26 PM

    Picture, please!

  2. Anonymous10:13 PM

    We used to have a van-driving-guy-with-tiny-figurines-glued-all-over-it-guy in San Diego, too. Although, and I'm not positive if I remember this correctly, but I think he was more of a 70's-funk-music-blaring kind of guy.

    Who ISN'T a character in this city. I think that just about everyday. This morning it was the woman-dancing-to-her-iPod-while-walking-the-dog. And it wasn't just a little head bob with a sashay, she was bumpin' her rump all over the block.

    We also have a woman in the neighborhood who walks her cats every night. Yes, her cats. You will find her with her to-go cup walking her 3 kitties about 11:00 at night. She stops and calls them by name if they lag too far behind.

  3. Our cat, Delilah, traipses along with Penny and I when we go on walks,* one of her several dog-like tendencies. She'll follow us for blocks, taking little side jaunts in and out of flooded houses as the mood suits her. It always greatly amuses the folks around the neighborhood.

    * This is, however, a reflection on her character, not mine.