Saturday, June 30, 2007

Bust a Move

Yesterday driving home from work on N. Broad, I stopped at a red light. The other drivers and I were treated to a dance by this man:

It was a poised left-to-right shuffle,* slow but with lots of attitude, culminating in a sassy ass-smack. (He held his Rally's bag the whole time.)

I love Broad.**

* Not the Cupid Shuffle, but not so different. (That's a great link, by the way.)

** Sarah and I were discussing, just the other day, whether it was Broad Avenue or Street. It's both at different points.


  1. I like that Cupid Shuffle. It kinda gets in your legs and helps make them rubbery.

  2. Little do they know that the "Cupid Shuffle" is pretty much line dancing.

  3. I wonder. Cupid is from Lafayette, South Louisiana Cajun country. I wouldn't be surprised if he knew a thing or two about line dancing.