Monday, June 18, 2007

Pervsy the Disconcerting Squirrel

Yesterday, our pleasant Father's Day outing in the park was interrupted by a shrill screeching from above. It was a squirrel. It had crawled out onto an overhead branch and was fervently (furiously?) gesticulating at us. Was it angry? Were we encroaching on its nut-horde? Had it been kidnapped by a villainous gang of rogue squirrels? Was it wishing me a happy Father's Day?

None of the above. It then stretched itself out along the branch and began rhythmically jutting its pelvis up and down in regular staccato intervals, accompanying each jut with its strange cry—"qweaah!... qweaah!... qweaah!..."

Oh. Should we be flattered?


  1. Anonymous9:23 PM

    Maybe our family attracts animals with such proclivities! My cat, Ernie, regularly does this on the pillow on my futon!!

  2. They eat lots of nuts. Ergo, you are what you eat. Or maybe it was plain perversity in your face on father's day. Sort of a tribute.