Tuesday, June 12, 2007

We Are the World

We all know those conversations where one person meets another person from somewhere else and they run through their respective lists of acquaintances looking for a match.* I was privy to one recently that went something like this:
"You live in Berlin? I've got a friend there." "What's his name?" "[so and so]. He's a musician." "Hmm... where's he play." "Usually at the [such and such]" "Mmm... I don't think I know him. Does he ever play at [another such and such]?" "Hmm... I'm not sure."
They worked on down the line, finally hitting a match:
"Oh, you know [another so and so]? I know him."

"Yeah, I know [another so and so]."
And then:
"...He's kind of an asshole."

International harmony, it's a beautiful thing.

* Is there a term for such conversations? There should be. Let's make one.


  1. Socially scientific misanthropic raps

  2. "peoping" - pronounced as "peeping"

  3. To give someone the sixth degree?