Monday, July 30, 2007


Long time readers will know I have a fetish for photographing random houses. I've decided to formalize this wayward tendency into a proper series in which, each day (for as long as I wish, with as many omissions as I like), I post a photo of a house from around the neighborhood along with whatever commentary seems relevant.* Choice of houses will be determined by the whizzing and whirring of my whim-cortex.

The series will—hopefully—serve two purposes. It will
  1. allow me to indulge my fetish in a healthy and structured manner.

  2. provide an anecdotal snapshot of the state of the neighborhood.

And though it doesn't qualify as "random", I think I'll start with our house. I've posted photos at previous stages of recovery, from foul shite-hole, to gutted shell, to on-the-mend. Now we're at something like full fruition:**

our house, from the middle of the street

The flowers are blooming. The willow tree is willowing. The porch swing is swinging. The bamboo is shooting skyward. (And our new tenant is putting us to shame with his chock-a-block balcony-ful of plants.) I must say, I think it all looks pretty good, and I'm feeling rather house-proud.

We've come along way, baby. Next house tomorrow.

* I have no idea whether this will interest anyone else, but at least it keeps me off the streets. Well, actually it keeps me on the streets. But it keeps me on the streets in a sort of off-the-streets way.

** Though the picture doesn't show the backyard's wasteland of rusting paint cans and scattered concrete chunks. (That's the next big project. There's always more.)


  1. Anonymous10:44 PM

    Your house looks really good in the sunlight. I think I've only been around in the pre-evening hours when everything is kind of shady.

  2. Wow, your house is looking gorgeous. Are you sure we live in the same city?

  3. wow, that is a beautiful house.

  4. BEAUTIFUL!!!!(I wouldn't worry bout all those cans and such in the back....unless you're having a cookout back there, who's gonna know besides you?)
    I can't wait to get my own house. (At the moment my hubby and I are living in my parents dad was sick for a couple of years before he passed away and I moved in before marrying to help with care of my my moms health is failing and so looks like we might be here a bit longer.)
    I LOVE the idea of photographing houses.....I photograph people- and sometimes take an hour or more before I get JUST the right expression to shoot.
    Yeah- it keeps me off the streets as well..... Hey- it's a HOBBY- Looking forward to seeing the next one!!!!

  5. Very fine looking digs. More palms, more palms!

  6. Anonymous9:02 PM


  7. Anonymous5:28 PM

    I'm gonna love this. I like to take pix of random houses too -- whatever catches my interest for whatever reason.

    You should be VERY proud of what you've done with yours. It's lovely.