Thursday, July 05, 2007

I Make the Cut

Some places have lots of young people bars. This place has lots of old people bars, often enforced by a "No one under thirty-five" policy.* Whoo! I make the cut. At last I can realize my dream of whiling away the days, sipping on Crown and Seven and talking about nothing as classic R&B plays in the background.

* I thought of this on Fourth of July Eve as I walked past "Silkys", and it was hopping with lots of very sharply dressed folks (and nary a thirty-four-year-old to be seen).


  1. Anonymous11:04 PM

    One day, I will, on a birthday, go to "The Big Man Lounge".

    One day...

  2. Oh, and I heard word that the "Sandpiper" is open again. Their de-lovely sign is certainly looking spruced up.

    (Now you've got me thinking, there are some pretty good bar names around here. I'm sure there's a post in there somewhere...)

  3. Anonymous7:39 PM

    i used to spend night after night in the avenue pub, which is not an old man bar but rather skews a little young. but, more than any other bar i have encountered in my life, it was the most effortlessly tragically hip group of young people i have ever been around. and i mean that in a truly effortlessly and truly seriously tragically.

    don't know why that seemed relevant.

  4. you'll join us on the old, dark side soon enough my pretty...very belated happy birthday...