Tuesday, July 31, 2007

...of Two Eighties "I'm-a-Foreigner"-Schtick Weevils

a) Balki

b) Yakov Smirnoff
Place your vote (for the lesser—a.k.a. "better"—of two weevils).*

* I find this one particularly brutal.


  1. aw c'mon slim!
    balki is clearly just a lamely disguised yakov. I wouldn't be surprised if the casting people at abc actually tried to get smirnoff for the show, and if/when he declined, they chomped on their cigars and said: "goddammit if we can't get smirnoff, let's go find some schlub actor who can hack the accent," ultimately awarding the part to bronson pinchot.

    my vote is smirnoff, for the sole reason that he is (only slightly) the more authentic of the two. of course, calling yakov smirnoff anything but an authentic jackass is a stretch, but at least he's an actual ukrainian.

    the ick factor of this particular weevil-off is all the americans who ever thought the "i'm-a-foreigner" schtick was funny.

  2. Anonymous9:35 AM

    My impulse is to break the rules and vote Borat, but I do realize that without rules, everything would break down into a war of all against all.

    I vote Balki, because the name is funnier. And YS is a fake name--undermining his "authenticity".

  3. you know zena, you're right.
    I vote Borat.