Monday, July 23, 2007

...of Two Family-Oriented Weevils

Okay, we're journeying into new frontiers of crap:
a) Full House

b) Growing Pains
Place your vote (for the lesser—which is to say the "better"—of two weevils.)


  1. I could never get over the fact that Full House was about three single guys living together in San Francisco, raising a family, and they weren't gay? And they were all white? And none of them did any drugs or had any history of public nudity? (I spent my early childhood in San Francisco...) And they had no money problems? And in the one episode, the kids drove a car through that million dollar house and nobody had a nervous breakdown? What dimension did they live in?

    So I have to say Growing Pains as the lesser of two weevils. But, you know, Family Ties was the best.

  2. full house was hands down the better of the two... although i loved them both :) haha

  3. my kids were full house fans...although nothing..absolutely nothing could top their saved by the bell.........

  4. Anonymous1:41 PM

    I have to abstain, because I just spent ten minutes trying to figure out whether Ricky Schroder was on Family Ties or Growing Pains. I had to look it up, and in the process discovered to my surprise that Tony Danza was not the star of Full House.

    (Answer key: Silver Spoons, Who's the Boss?)

  5. Anonymous8:42 PM

    these are too weevily for me. i just can't.

  6. I'm holding my nose and choosing Growing Pains. Nothing, absolutely nothing, was revolting as Full House, not even Growing Pains.

    You're making the Cosby Show seem almost tolerable. Unforgivable!