Tuesday, July 24, 2007

On the Cat Walk*

I've mentioned it before, but Delilah follows Penny and I on walks—not every time, but often (whenever she's not busy dozing in a patch of sunlight).

Penny sniffs out the lead; I follow a leash-length behind; and Delilah brings up the rear a quarter- to a half-block back, warily ducking under cars, perking her ears, scanning for danger, and when the coast is clear, silently scurrying forward on her swift kitty-feet.**

It greatly amuses the neighbors. Ladies on porches nod, "There they go." The kids around the corner stop their games and murmur, "...el gato." Workers, sipping their end-of-day tall-boys, laugh out loud, "Ain't never seen nothing like that."

It is pretty funny. Now if I can just figure out a way to cash in on this feline spectacle of ours...

* I shake my little tush on...

** She's a brazen little kitty, and though our usual circuit stays close to home, we sometimes venture far afield. She'll follow the whole way, carefully scouting the unfamiliar terrain, detouring into overgrown yards or poking her nose into gutted houses to sniff the musty air.


  1. Anonymous6:06 AM

    Hi! I’m a long-time reader but have never commented before. I've heard of a camera you can put on your cat's collar that takes a photo every 10 seconds or so. It would be fun to see a view of you and Penny from Delilah’s perspective.

    Comstock Park, Michigan

  2. Kitty-vision, I like it.

  3. Delilah sounds like my kind of cat...

    (and I'm cursing you. I'm going to have RightSaidFred running through my mind for the rest of the day. Blast!)

  4. That cat's a survivor. I'd chalk it all up to post-diluvian stress disorder.*

    Unless, of course, she used to do it before.

    * felines, nothing more than felines...