Monday, July 02, 2007

Patchwork City

The New York Times has published the first of a series of articles on New Orleans' slow, stumbly, but persistent recovery:
Patchwork City: Largely Alone, Pioneers Reclaim New Orleans
It's good. (I think it strikes the right balance.) Read it.


  1. I, too, thought they did a nice job of it.

  2. Very good article, yes.
    thanks for posting the link.
    It must be powerful to have residents in these neighborhoods struggle to rebuild, then re-connect to each other as they bring their homes back to life. very moving.


  3. Anonymous1:46 PM

    Yes, a good article. The July 2007 edition of Harper's Magazine has a great essay called "In The Year of The Storm" that I also highly recommend. There is a passage where the author (Duncan Murrell) writes about his need to go out and see all of the destruction and I was reminded of you, Slimbolala. The passage begins: "After that I went to the destroyed city constantly and compulsively".