Friday, August 03, 2007

House-A-Day: House o' God

house o' God

I'll maintain an expansive interpretation of "house", including the small neighborhood churches that dot our surrounding streets. Some churches have reopened since the storm, but the little ones near us, for the most part, have not. I suppose you need people back in their houses before you can get them back in their churches.*

This one is just around the corner from us. Before the storm, we used to hear the music every Sunday morning. Now it's empty.** I've peeked in the door, and it looks untouched. There's still a drum kit set up to one side of the altar.

Where's the congregation? Some are undoubtedly attending churches in Atlanta and Houston and other far-flung places. Others must be back. Have they folded into larger churches with more resources? Will this one ever reopen?

(Note—if you can see it in this photograph—the poor man's stained glass, the multi-hued panels of plastic sheeting coloring the window panes.)

*The Times-Picayune recently had a good article on the subject.

** Though it had a short burst of activity as a site for the aformentioned filming of a scene from the new Tommy Lee Jones movie.

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