Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Two Years

Good Lord, is it really? These dates slip up on one.

It's different from last year. Last year was fraught and raw; this year, the wounds have healed a bit. And we're in our house. That's huge. But it still feels like an early chapter in a long book.

We're not doing anything huge to mark the day. (When the storm's impact is a continuing daily reality, elaborate commemorations feel superfluous—maybe in ten years.) We're just going over to friends for red beans and rice.* That seems about right.

* And to see our friend maybe/possibly be on Oprah.


  1. Great work, on the past two years, on the house, on the family, on your city. Wishing y'all the BEST !

    Scott C

  2. The best-laid plans... I was waylaid by work (a mercifully rare occurence, though the timing could have been better) and missed the red beans. But I marked the day with a Bud's Broiler burger and a Sazerac. Appropriate enough, in its way.

    And thank you, Scott.

  3. Anonymous9:52 PM

    We saw your friend(and his gun) on CNN last night.