Thursday, September 27, 2007


Would it be fair to say we're living in an era of unparalleled era of coiffure-liberty?* Short 'dos from the fifties, long hair from the sixties and seventies, punkish / new wave shenanigans—it's all available in our cumulative buffet of contemporary options:

So elderly maw maws sculpt and color their hair into all manner of strange constructions. Mohawks are mainstream. Mullets? cornrows?—not worth a mention. Where, then, is the new hair-frontier? What's next for the 'do avant-gardist?

Tangential Pop-Quiz: What kind of sunglasses would each of the above hair-dos be wearing?

* The snobbish aesthete in me sometimes wonders if this is a good thing. Plenty of folks have taken that freedom and made a beeline straight to Really-Bizarre-Bad-Hair-Choice-Ville. (But then I say, "coiffe and let coiffe." It ain't my head.)


  1. I'm waiting for the same phenomenon to hit fashion - which century do you want to dress as today?

  2. White, powdered, George Washington-style wigs. They're going to be huge for men this fall. I saw it on the cover of my roommate's Vogue.

  3. Anonymous10:04 AM

    I note that long hair with feathered bangs (circa 1980-1984) still carries a stigma.