Saturday, September 08, 2007

Expressions I'm Liking: " a Snowstorm"

As we meandered glassy-eyed through the housewares and accessories section of the Ikea outside Austin, a matronly lady inspected a vivid green throw-pillow and declared (in thick Texas-twang):
"...wouldn't lose that in a snowstorm."
I like it. What are you liking?


  1. Anonymous5:54 PM regards to something disgusting:
    "That would gag a maggot."
    ...or just shorthand for "yuck":
    "It was very gag a maggot."

  2. I love this. I humbly request that it become a regular feature at your site.
    It's not worth a fart in a mitten.

  3. ...that's higher than a cat's back! (in reference to something costing too much)

  4. Anonymous1:24 PM

    Going to hell in a handbasket!!
    Eating high on the hog!!

    How about those? I think they are good ones!!

  5. Similar to Antley's, but I used to work in a record store and once had a customer tell me our prices were "high like giraffe pussy."

  6. I like 'em all, but I've got to say that last one made me laugh out loud.

  7. Anonymous9:59 PM

    How about "shit or get off the pot"

  8. Anonymous12:55 PM

    posted more than a month later

    Dear Sir,

    I have just discovered I committed a crime against originality on your blog: gag a maggot has been done. Actually, the more colorful gag a maggot off a gutwagon, has been done.

    Oh, the shame.

    Therefore, to make amends, I shall contribute yet another expression:

    "Well, you can't polish a turd."

    This one I hear used very sparingly by an elder family member to end a gossipy conversation about a person that is beyond hope. It works.

    Sincerest apologies,
    Anonymous of the 5:54PM post.