Monday, September 24, 2007

Pie in the Sky

Apologies to the far-flung, but today's survey is shamelessly regional:
What is your favorite Hubig's pie flavor?
Mine is coconut. (Lemon is a distant second.)*

* But the question was prompted by today's discovery/consumption of a blackberry Hubig's. I'd never seen one before. I suspect there are an infinite number of Hubig's flavors, but the rarest are distributed with infinite infrequency.


  1. Apple.
    Where did you find Blackberry?!

  2. The Sav-A-Center out by the lake on Leon C. Simon. They had a really full display. (I like apple too. Probably number three.)

  3. Anonymous12:05 AM

    Sweet potato.

    Then lemon and chocolate.

  4. I got me some up here in NYC,via mail order
    I loved the lemon,
    but Blackberry wasn't offered for mail order, Too Bad!!

    Mmm,mmm, dee-vine.

  5. Strawberry, with lemon second

  6. Oh wait, sweet potato! That's definitely in the top three. Coconut, then...? sweet potato, then...? lemon. I think. Or maybe chocolate in third? No, lemon. I think. Hmm...

  7. If I had to pick, like if there were a gun pointed at my head, I'd have to go with lemon. But they all have that sweet, tasty lard in them, so it's not like you can go wrong with any flavor.

  8. Anonymous10:33 AM

    I don't know if its a new flavor but the blackberry is amazing. I have found it twice recently at the foodstuff area at Harry's Ace on Magazine.

    I brought one to a friend in North Mississippi and he said it was one of his top five breakfasts ever. (He is a vegetarian and a vegan friend subsequently informed me that Hubigs contain lard. I can't figure out whether that obligates me to tell my friend who eats the pies with such glee on the rare occasions when he can get them.) But, in any event, my vote goes to BLACKBERRY.