Sunday, September 09, 2007

Scissor Sister

Yesterday, Louise gave herself a haircut.* She tried to keep it a secret (she even swept up all the clippings) but, in the end, couldn't hide the obvious absence of hair. It actually looks pretty good—sort of sassy layered bangs—especially considering she didn't use a mirror.

She made us promise not to tell her teacher.

* Is that a right of passage for all young ladies? We have a friend who, as a girl, spontaneously lopped off one of her braids in the middle of class. But when she saw the look of horror on the teacher's face, she panicked and blamed the boy behind her. (She never 'fessed up. What will her punishment in purgatory be?)


  1. Anonymous10:33 AM

    I once gave myself a very short haircut because the girl next door (who also had a very short haircut) managed to convince me that long hair was dumb. Or something.

    My great-uncle pretended not to know who I was, declared that I was a boy, and he was going to sell me to the gypsies. When I protested that I was a girl, he told me not to say anything, because "the gypsies pay more for little boys."

  2. My 6 yr old has cut her hair twice. The first time she was three and decided to hide the long tendril under the rug. At least the second time she threw the hair in the garbage.
    I'm don't specifically recall cutting my own hair, but I'm pretty sure I did. I do distinctly remember cutting off my eyebrows. Yeah, that was attractive.

  3. Anonymous6:45 PM

    hmmm...not sure if rite of passage - but maybe more like a first (strong-handed) subconscious attempt at possessing ownership over self-image, no matter how devastating! when I was five, i lopped off a big chunk of hair near my face, revealing a lone ear on one side of my profile. it made for a very interesting kindergarten portrait that year. i got my mom so mad that she gave up all control over my haircuts from that point on. score! although in retrospect, i could've used some of my mom's wisdom on those haircuts to come...yikes, there were some winners.

  4. Anonymous9:11 PM

    Let's hope Lulu's teacher does not read your blog!!

  5. I cut my hair several times growing up, and always got into trouble because "haircuts cost money" and my parents felt they were wasting their money if I was just going to cut it myself. I kept doing it because I didn't like how other people cut my hair. I guess I was particular. By high school, I never went to get a "real" haircut anymore. I just cut it in the bathroom mirror. Still do. No one knows, unless they read this!

  6. I also haven't had a "real" haircut since highschool. I went though a spell of no haircuts at all, then college-friends with clippers, and I've been cutting it myself for fifteen-ish years. I guess Louise comes by it honestly.