Saturday, October 13, 2007

Eccentrics I've Seen Today

  1. A middle-aged, bearded, nondescript-looking man riding a vintage white and yellow bicycle with a very large parrot sitting on the handlebars.*
  2. Four people walking around the path in the park dressed in full Star Wars regalia. Curiously, they were all bad (or lawless neutral) characters: one Imperial officer in a uniform and little cap, one storm trooper, one tie-fighter pilot (holding a model tie-fighter), and one... who were those little guys in the hoods with the glowing red eyes who drove that big thing around in the dessert and picked C3 and R2 up for scrap? The storm trooper was very chatty.
  3. An older man with a bushy gray beard and Ray-Bans walking down Magazine in elaborately embroidered cowboy duds—Stetson hat, boots, and all. He tipped his hat at the girls.
* As my mother points out on the chicken post, my father used to drive around his N. Claiborne yard on a tricycle with a rooster perched on the handlebars.


  1. fun day you've had. Those little guys driving around in the sandcrawler in the desert are Jawas. This year I'll be making a Jawa costume for my 6-yr-old. Star Wars Impersonators must find it more fun (or challenging?) to dress in the Dark Side costumes. Besides, who wants to be Luke? And who dares approach the Coolness that is Han Solo?

  2. Ah, yes. I was calling them Jabberwockys, and then Sarah and I got into an argument about whether or not those guys were really the Jabberwockys, and she said Jabberwockys were something else and they were good guys, and I said that I was pretty sure that those were the Jabberwockys, and then we realized that Jabberwocky was that Lewis Carroll poem and we had no idea what we were talking about and we laughed at ourselves and shut up.

  3. How come I never get such cool freaks in my neighbourhood? The closest I've come lately is the girl whose skin is freakishly white, and that's probably some disease and not so funny. Well, it's a little bit funny. Just not laugh-out-loud funny.

    My (rather ordinary, nondescript and non-embroidered) hat is off to you.

  4. Whoah, I totally know that parrot guy. I used to work with him. His parrot has a really filthy mouth. The cowboy guy and I are just kind of nodding acquaintances, though.