Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Gyrating Pendulous Crustacean

Driving home from work yesterday on S. Claiborne, I passed a roadside back-of-the-truck impromptu seafood vendor,* and he had a gimmick. Perched precariously on the tail of his truck bed, wearing a Hee Haw-esque straw hat, he stretched his arm out and prominently dangled one of the largest shrimp I've ever seen above the oncoming traffic.

Was this spectacle
a) a clever marketing tactic?

b) a "that's life in N'awlins, darlin'" moment?

c) a traffic hazard?

d) strangely unappetizing, as the gyrating pendulous crustacean took on disquieting sexual overtones?
Justify your answer.

* A not uncommon sight around here: catch something in the morning, throw it in a cooler, drive it into the city, park on a major thoroughfare, sell it. Fresh seafood, good prices. Win-win.


  1. wow. that brings back some memories of when I lived a few blocks from the persian gulf. of course, in the desert heat you didn't want to buy anything from the "fresh" fish guy once it hit mid-afternoon.

  2. Anonymous3:49 PM

    All of the above depending on your take on things/life!

  3. Anonymous10:07 PM

    A gyrating crustacean with disquieting sexual overtones? Really?

    Maybe you were just having your own private "life in N'awlins, darlin" moment, which strangely and unappetizingly could have caused a traffic hazard. For real, now - gyrating crustaceans? P-faw.

    My Answer: A.
    We're all abuzz about shrimp now, aren't we? ...clever little dirty marketing-marvel shrimp man.