Monday, October 08, 2007

Stop, Drop...

They're learning "Stop, drop, and roll" at June' school. That reminds me...

We were visiting friends, standing around in the kitchen, chatting. Then: "David! You're on fire!" I looked behind me to discover the tail of my jacket in flames (an unfortunate consequence of leaning casually against a lit stove in a 70/30 poly/cotton blend). And then—with what can only be described as Matrix-like ultra-speed—I flung my feet out from under me and walloped down on my ass, instantly smothering the flames. Stop and drop. (The roll was unnecessary given the localized nature of the blaze.) It was all over in an instant.*

The kids love the story: "Tell us again about the time Daddy's butt caught on fire!"

* The moral of the story? Youthful indoctrination is remarkably effective. Hmm... What other useful or convenient principals can we burrow into those malleable little brains?

1 comment:

  1. Neat! There are any number of diabolical programming we could accomplish... but it has to be delivered in the form of a catchy slogan, preferably delivered by a beloved comedian. (Wasn't Dick Van Dyke the guy in the original Stop, Drop, and Roll campaign?)