Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Bullsh*t: Post-Mortem

Nothing says "funny" like the long-winded analysis of a silly little throw-away game, so...

The correct answers:
(A) Minesweeper
(D) Dent
(F) John Maynard Smith
(H) Beets

The winner: a tie between Red Rocket and Beth, each with three correct answers. Congratulations! (And you both apparently know me better than my pseudonymous mother who only got two.)

Ready to get math-y with it? Guesses per choice:
(A) Minesweeper: 3
(B) Pinkie toe: 0
(C) Chaka Khan: 7
(D) Dent: 5
(E) Snake bite: 4
(F) John Maynard Smith: 2
(G) Trivial Pursuit: 2
(H) Beets: 4

Most obvious truth: (D) Dent
Most obvious lie: (B) Pinkie toe

Trickiest truth: (F) John Maynard Smith
Trickiest lie: (C) Chaka Khan
(The Chaka Khan was good. That fooled all y'all.) And, of course, the fascinating autobiographical backstories:
(A) Minesweeper: I became a total Minesweeper bad ass during the extensive downtime on my first NYC temp job at a currency trading floor.

(B) Pinkie toe: We did have a scythe, and I did muck around with it, though (mercifully) I never cut off my toe.

(C) Chaka Khan: Never seen her, but once I did sit across the aisle from Chubby Checker in economy class on a flight from I-don't-remember-where to I-don't-remember-where.

(D) Dent: Top back right. I noticed it in my teens around the same time as the onset of my "punk stage" and it caused me some anxiety: "If I get a Mohawk, that's going to look like totally weird." (The Mohawk, by the way, was purely hypothetical.)

(E) Snake bite: We did have snakes around, and I did muck around with them, though (mercifully) I never got bit.

(F) John Maynard Smith: I was eight. My father was teaching in the same department at the University of Sussex. I'd seen him briefly once before on the local television station. I thought I'd just encountered a major celebrity.

(G) Trivial Pursuit: I sometimes think I should be good at Trivial Pursuit (and occasionally I convince myself that I am good at it), but really I'm not. (The pop culture, in particular, kills me.)

(H) Beets: I like them.
Feel enlightened? (And stay tuned for tomorrow's subtextual analysis and its startling implications for post-Chaka-Khanian semiotics.)


  1. Anonymous1:22 PM

    I have never seen you eat beets in your life(except maybe when you were a baby and I gave them to you). I could have sworn I heard you say you flew on a plane with Chaka Khan(senility). I don't know what Minesweeper is so I could not hazard a guess about that. And, given your vast knowledge of obscure facts, I thought you would be good at Trivial Pursuit. I will have to adopt a new pseudonym!!!

  2. I know a lot of obscure facts. They just seem to be the wrong ones.

  3. Anonymous11:22 PM

    Also...nothing says "funny" like how apparently at around the same time as the onset of your "punk stage", you also simultaneously talked like a Valley Girl.

    Like, totally weird.